“I’ve been feeding the crocodile
“Those cars we shipped have a defective part
“This tooth extraction could take for ever

Bryce’s Banter: A Journey through Wit, Wisdom, and Whimsy

Welcome to my world of delightful eccentricity, right here on my personal blog! I’m Nathan Bryce, your GenX humorist, puzzle aficionado, and culinary adventurer, all the way from Orem, Utah. Prepare for a wild ride of side-splitting puns, amusing anecdotes, brain-tingling puzzles, soul-stirring reflections, and drool-inducing recipes.

As your guide on this journey, I’m not one to shy away from a little embarrassment if it means bringing you a supply of worthwhile content. Of course, my brand of humor only appeals to about 6% of the people in the world, so if you stick around, I’m sure we’ll have a fun time together. With original  content added daily, our adventure never ends.

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Fun Stuff


Discover a whimsical section filled with delightful wordplay. Engage in mind-bending puzzles where letters dance and transform. Unlock hidden meanings as you unravel jumbled words.


An anecdote is a brief, often amusing or interesting story about an incident or person. It is typically used to illuminate a particular point or to entertain or engage the listener or reader.

Bumper Stickers

Discover witty one-liners and clever quips that turn any ride into a mobile comedy club. From witty puns to satirical social commentary, this category is a treasure trove for fans of roadside humor.

Brain Games

This is a series of short, 30-second videos uploaded to my YouTube channel that feature rebuses, trivia questions, and puzzles. I upload at least one video per day to the Brain Games playlist.


Explore my witty, sarcastic parodies of motivational posters. They blend stunning visuals with humorous, often cynical captions for a dose of workplace and Internet culture humor.


This is your one-stop-shop for puns, jokes, and all things laugh-inducing. Dive into our curated collection that promises to tickle your funny bone and brighten your day.


Explore the captivating world of optical illusions. Uncover mysteries of the human visual system through these fascinating phenomena. Dive in, and prepare to question everything you see!

Tom Swifties

Dive into the world of Tom Swifties! They're clever puns linking the speaker's words to their actions. Enjoy these witty, laughter-inducing linguistic treasures that turn adverbs into punchlines.

Serious Stuff

Gaining Insight

If you want to better understand your personality and that of those around you, I have written hundreds of tests, books, courses, and other resources since 1992. I share a handful of them here.

Gaining Virtue

If you want to improve your character by acquiring the 52 greatest strengths of all personalities, take a look at this section. You will find an introductory video for each virtue that explains how to acquire them.


As the primary cook in my family, I've developed a number of favorite recipes that keep my loved ones happy. Feel free to try some of these tasty recipes from my private collection.


Would you like to know what I believe as a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Explore my heartfelt speeches and essays that reveal my beliefs and their profound roots.

Spiritual Thoughts

Here are short spiritual thoughts that are perfect for starting off religious leadership meetings or gatherings. The thoughts are designed to help people reflect on their faith and deepen their faithfulness.

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