Gaining Virtue

Each personality type has a unique set of 13 strengths, which I call virtues, that come naturally to them and are worthy of emulation by every color. I have created 365 lessons that teach those virtues on my subscription website. This section contains the introductory videos for those, among other virtue-related content.

Green: Wisdom

Wisdom combines knowledge, experience, historical context, common sense, discretion, and insight to address significant, complex questions. You see the bigger picture and provide judicious, practical counsel to others immersed in the present. If you have too little Wisdom it is called Foolishness. If you have too much Wisdom it is called Pretentiousness.

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Blue: Unity

Unity encourages harmonious living and collaboration. You appreciate the individuality of each person as a gift, fostering an environment of inclusivity and cooperation. You willingly sacrifice personal interests for the collective good, promoting peace and resolution in disputes. If you have too little Unity it is called Division. If you have too much Unity it is called Conformity.

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Green: Reason

Reason compels you to employ logic and scientific analysis for forming theories, conclusions, judgments, or inferences. You objectively diagnose complex problems and acquire knowledge through direct understanding or argument. If you have too little Reason it is called Irrationality. If you have too much Reason it is called Coldness.

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Blue: Trust

Trust embodies faith in people or situations, maintaining an optimistic outlook on life. You believe that positive outcomes will arise without the need for control or manipulation. Trust enables you to find meaning and lessons in challenging circumstances. If you have too little Trust it is called Distrust. If you have too much Trust it is called Gullibility.

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