Embracing Honesty in Daily Life

Dive deeper into the essence of honesty beyond refraining from lying. This expanded piece explores the principle of honesty in relation to integrity, transparency, and accountability, and how these virtues resonate in our daily lives as followers of Christ.

Imagine strolling through a bustling street market, the air rich with the aroma of fresh baked goods and ripened fruit. Among the lively commotion, something catches your eye. It’s a wallet, lost and left unattended on the ground, stuffed full of cash. There’s no one around who seems to be looking for it. What do you do?

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” (Exodus 20:16)

This verse illuminates the need for complete honesty. As disciples of Jesus Christ, our calling extends beyond merely speaking the truth. We are implored to embody it—to weave it into the fabric of our thoughts, words, and actions.

Let’s reflect deeper on the situation painted earlier. It’s a scenario that tests our honesty when no one’s watching, when there are no immediate consequences, and when dishonesty bears the enticing fruit of personal gain.

Honesty transcends the simple act of avoiding lies. It is a testament to our integrity—maintaining consistency between our actions and our principles, even when it’s tempting to choose otherwise. It’s a demonstration of our transparency—an openness in our intentions and deeds. And importantly, it champions our accountability—recognizing and taking ownership of our actions and their ripple effects.

Society often paints honesty on a broad canvas—fighting against corruption, standing up for truth amidst powerful adversaries. Yet, honesty is not confined to these monumental acts. It trickles down to the smallest rivulets of our everyday lives—like returning extra change mistakenly given at a store, admitting when we’re mistaken, or owning up to our shortcomings.

Practicing honesty in these seemingly trivial instances helps solidify a robust foundation of integrity. This nurtures our character, expanding our capacity to exhibit truthfulness in larger, more impactful scenarios.

Take, for instance, the anecdote of Brother Johnson, a simple man who ran a small grocery store. Upon realizing a customer had left without collecting her change, he did not dismiss the incident. Despite the chaotic day and the seemingly inconsequential amount, Brother Johnson made a point to set the change aside. When the customer returned a week later, he gave back her money. This act might seem minimal, but it signified a profound adherence to honesty and integrity.

As members of the Church, we commit to conducting ourselves honestly with our fellow beings. We strive to uphold truth and honesty, transforming them from abstract principles into tangible practices in our everyday lives.

Let’s conclude with a call to action—let us strive to embed honesty more fully into our lives. Let’s remember that every decision we make, no matter how seemingly insignificant, reflects our dedication to truth and integrity. As we strive to tread this path of honesty, we walk closer towards embodying the teachings of our Savior.

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