Gaining Virtue

Each temperament has a set of 13 qualities that if properly managed can turn into positive virtues that make them happier and more successful in their personal and professional lives. If improperly managed, or if these attributes become too weak or too strong, they morph into vices which almost always harm relationships and become relationship-killing liabilities.

The Nexus Quest, my latest multi-year effort, is a carefully-crafted collection of four books that will teach anyone how to acquire the 13 virtues of each personality type. The four books containĀ 365 micro-lessons that will teach you how to acquire more strength in all 52 virtues. It will also identify your potential weaknesses and help you turn them into strengths before they become liabilities. Each lesson only takes about 13 minutes to read and complete the learning activities. is a subscription website dedicated to self-awareness and self-management. It contains all of the information in the four books, but with the addition of a growing collection of accurate and reliable assessments, courses on engaging with diverse personalities, weekly blog posts, and additional videos. website is your pathway to heightened emotional intelligence, enriched relationships, and a fulfilling life for you and your loved ones.

Below are some videos that introduce each virtue. Starting in May 2023, each week I’ll post four additional videos until all 52 videos have been published. However, you can hop over to my YouTube channel where you can watch all of the videos immediately. I wouldn’t recommend that though. Staring at me for 52 videos would probably make you a little barmy. šŸ¤Ŗ