Which horizontal line is longer? They’re both the same length! This classic optical illusion is known as the Müller-Lyer illusion. It consists of two horizontal lines of identical length, each flanked by shorter lines or “arrowheads.”

In this illusion, the top line has arrowheads that point inward (like “wings”), while the bottom image has arrowheads that point outward. Despite both horizontal lines being the same length, the line with the inward-pointing arrowheads appears to be longer than the one with the outward-pointing arrowheads.

This illusion is believed to happen because of the way our brains interpret perspective. The line with the outward-pointing arrowheads is perceived as being further away, causing our brains to overcompensate and view the line as longer. Despite knowing the truth, it’s often challenging to perceive the lines as equal in length, highlighting the power of such visual illusions.

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