This is an example of a hidden object or embedded image illusion. This type of illusion is designed in such a way that one image is subtly integrated into another, often creating a scene or a picture with more than meets the eye initially.

In the context of this illusion, while the primary image appears to be of a tree, there are three bunny rabbits hidden within the branches of the tree. The artist uses clever design techniques to integrate the bunnies seamlessly into the drawing of the tree, making them not immediately noticeable.

When you first look at the image, your brain identifies the most obvious and familiar pattern, which in this case is the tree. However, if you continue to study the image and focus on different areas within the tree’s branches, you will start to distinguish the shapes of the rabbits.

The outlines of the rabbits are carefully disguised as branches or parts of the tree. To discern the hidden rabbits, it may be helpful to look for typical rabbit features, such as long ears or round bodies.

These illusions illustrate the fascinating workings of our perception. They demonstrate how our brain filters information and tends to see the most apparent or familiar patterns first. It’s only when we look more carefully or change our focus that we notice the hidden elements.

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