An Introduction to the Blue Temperament 

Blue individuals thrive on relationships and authenticity. Highly empathetic, they excel in communication and seek harmony. Compassion, emotional depth, and caring for others are paramount to them. Blue individuals are loyal, altruistic, and intuitive. They value trust and affection and are often found in roles that require understanding and fostering meaningful connections, such as counseling.

Blues truly believe every single person is on this planet for a purpose and that everyone has a unique role to fill. It might be nurturing a child, rescuing someone in distress, easing someone’s pain, correcting an injustice, protecting the innocent, or even saving an endangered species. Their job is to find a mission—then they can put their heart and soul into accomplishing it.

Their searching has made it easy for them to see subtleties and nuances others sometimes miss. As a result, they often communicate on several levels at once, regardless of whether they’re writing, speaking, or listening. They also express their uniqueness through their music, their art, their pet projects, their social causes, even their clothing styles.

Those with whom they connect get a tremendous amount of their time and energy, because they’re always searching for good friendships. They should probably use their head more and their heart less in relationships, but Blues always see the good in everybody as they try to help others realize their potential. They seek to be as genuine and as honest with others as possible, and that means no airs or false fronts.

Above all, Blues want everybody to be happy and comfortable with each other. Consequently they’re often a peacemaker or a consensus builder. They’d much rather see people work harmoniously toward a common goal than seek out their own superficial self-interests. To a Blue, what a wonderful world it would be if we all joined hands and worked together!

  • Values. I am a kind, truthful, caring, friendly, spiritual, peace-loving, artistic person. Feelings and relationships are very important to me.
  • Motivation. I like to do thoughtful and kind things for other people. I try to make the world a nicer place to live in.
  • Communication. I like to talk and visit with my friends and family. I am a good listener. I show my feelings but do not like to argue or fight.
  • Work. I want a job where I can work with living things, like people, plants and animals. I also like to do things that are creative, musical or artistic.
  • Supervision. I am a true friend to the people I lead. I like to work side by side with them. I try to make sure they are happy and enjoy their jobs.
  • Recreation. When I want to have fun and relax, I like to do things with other people, particularly my family and close friends.
  • Childhood. I liked to pretend and had a good imagination. My pets were very important to me. If I won a contest, I always felt bad for the losers.
  • Youth. My friends were very important to me. I tried to include others in my group and tried very hard to get along. I was often the peacemaker.
  • Education. I prefer learning about subjects that focus on people: drama, creative writing, literature, music, languages, social studies and the arts.
  • Love. I want to live happily ever after with someone who is loving, romantic and devoted. I give my heart and soul to my relationships.