An Introduction to the Gold Temperament

Gold individuals value order, responsibility, and tradition. They are structured, dependable, and practical. Their approach to life is systematic and they find fulfillment in following rules and procedures. Often regarded as the backbone of organizations, they excel in roles that require management, discipline, and stability, such as civil service, banking, and education.

Golds strive to pull their own weight and lend a hand in everything they do. They believe everyone should do the same. Call it service or call it duty, they can be counted on to finish their tasks on time and under budget. In fact, most Golds can’t rest comfortably until they fulfill all their responsibilities and do whatever needs to be done.

Golds believe things run the way they do for good reasons. They believe that doing away with established systems, procedures, rules, or standards will cause things to fall apart. Their motto is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” They believe that someone in authority decided that’s the way things should be and it’s their job to do it, even if they don’t agree with it.

They usually have a plan in place before they start a project and try to follow it to the letter. They are careful, cautious, thorough, and accurate in all they do. Structure, order, and discipline aren’t strangers in their lives. They prefer their closets to be organized and neat, and prefer to arrive at their appointments on time and prepared. They make lists and check off items as they finish them. They figure out what they want in life, set their goals, and take the necessary steps to reach their objectives.

They are also prudent and want to be prepared for the future. They believe in getting a traditional education, securing a respectable job, saving as much money as possible, taking care of their possessions, and maintaining an adequate supply of food, water, and fuel. Golds believe it’s important to always keep something laid aside for a rainy day because, like it or not, it will rain!

  • Values. I am a trustworthy, obedient, polite, helpful, loyal, organized, goal-setting person. I respect rules, routines and traditions.
  • Motivation. I want to do things that are good and decent. I want to show that I am responsible. I want to be productive and successful.
  • Communication. I try to use correct and proper language when talking or writing. I sometimes sound bossy and old-fashioned to others.
  • Work. I want a steady job where I can work hard and earn what I deserve. I always get the job done even if I have to work overtime.
  • Supervision. I like to be in charge and help make the rules. I expect people to do their duty and work as hard as I do.
  • Recreation. When I finish my work and want to relax, I like to participate in structured and well-planned activities or sports.
  • Childhood. I was an obedient child. I looked to my parents and teachers for direction. I was more grown-up than other kids. I did not like change.
  • Youth. I enjoyed belonging to clubs and sports teams, being part of student government and working on school projects.
  • Education. I prefer learning about traditional subjects: reading, writing, arithmetic, business, law, government, history and home economics.
  • Love. I want a traditional home life with a dedicated and dependable spouse. I show my love by doing my part and keeping my promises.