An Introduction to the Orange Temperament

Those with an Orange temperament are characterized by spontaneity, excitement, and a love for action. Energetic and adaptable, they thrive on challenges and are willing to take risks. They are dynamic and charismatic, often gravitating towards careers that involve physical activity or creativity. Their lives are fast-paced, and they seek fun, adventure, and freedom.

Oranges bring excitement, energy, and adventure to most gatherings. They’re natural performers and have that “star” quality that seems to attract people. They are often right in the thick of things, since it’s extremely hard for them to sit still for long periods of time and watch things happen. They rarely worry about getting hurt or embarrassed. They frequently take risks at work, play, in their relationships — they just don’t seem to worry about the consequences. They’ve probably had a few really bad scrapes throughout their lifetime, but their optimism allows them to get through setbacks that might shut down others.

They like using tools that roar, chop, or cause things to tremble, and operating vehicles that speed, climb, or soar. They like doing things that keep them on the go—building, painting, creating, planting, hammering, bull-dozing, climbing, performing, running, wrangling, negotiating, dancing, partying. Even if they don’t enjoy a task, they often turn it into some kind of game so they can have fun doing it. And if they’re having fun, they can just go on and on doing it after everyone else quits and goes home.

Oranges like challenges, contests, and competitions, especially if it requires a fair amount of talent, skill, and adrenaline. They stretch the limits and set new records. But if there is anything they truly need, it’s freedom to be Orange—which is being spontaneous, free, alive. They focus on the here and now. They want to experience all that life has to offer, and they do it with gusto.

  • Values. I am a friendly, energetic, playful, skillful, upbeat, risk-taking person. I need to be free to get up and go when I feel like it.
  • Motivation. I like action and adventure. I like challenge and competition. I want to experience what life has to offer. I want to be the best.
  • Communication. I am bold and like to say what is on my mind. I talk with energy and power. I am fun to talk with and like to joke around.
  • Work. I want a job where I can show my talents and skills. I do not want to be tied down. I want immediate rewards for my hard work.
  • Supervision. I am a go-getter leader who makes things happen. I do not like planning meetings and silly rules. I work best under pressure.
  • Recreation. I love to play. I love to perform. I love to party. I enjoy physical contests, daring activities and challenging sports.
  • Childhood. I was a noisy and fun-loving child. I was always on the go and full of life. I did not like rules and often got into trouble.
  • Youth. I did a lot of wild and crazy things with my friends. I stayed close to the action. I pushed the limits and had a lot of fun.
  • Education. I prefer learning about subjects that focus on action: athletics, art, drama, dance, music, carpentry, ceramics and vocational skills.
  • Love. I want a lover who enjoys my favorite activities and likes to explore new and exciting things together. I like lots of physical contact.