As a committed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from time-to-time I have been granted the opportunity to address and educate my fellow congregants. Within this section, you will find a number of my sermons that will provide insight into my personal beliefs and the reasoning behind them. Regardless of your own religious affiliation or lack thereof, my hope is that you will discover valuable content that will enrich your life.

Come Follow Me: Acts 1-9

Witness the transformative journey of the early Christian church in the first nine chapters of the Book of Acts. From the ascension of Jesus and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, to the bold sermons of Peter and the miraculous healings, witness the birth and growth of the church amidst persecution. Experience the power of faith through the martyrdom of Stephen and the remarkable conversion of Saul. Join us as we delve into these inspiring chapters, reminding us of the courage, faith, and resilience of the early believers.

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Toward a Zion Society: Reconciling Faith and Economics in the Modern Age

Explore the profound intersection of faith and economics in this article. Discover a Zion-aligned model based on principles like stewardship, unity, righteous prosperity, and service to others. This essay challenges us to reassess our view of talents, wealth, and societal responsibilities, urging us to use our abilities for common good and build a spiritually-grounded economy where none are in want.

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Peacemakers Needed

Why do we need to be peacemakers? There are probably lots of reasons for that, some of which I’ll discuss, but the first thought that came into mind, was that perhaps the Lord wants us to practice and perfect the ability to be a peacemaker.

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What is True?

Exploring truth, we blend philosophy, religion, and personal experiences. We are challenged to gather disparate sources, enhancing our faith and understanding. Spiritual experiences, unique and personal, underscore this quest. Even amidst mortal fallibility and constant information, divinely inspired truth is discernible. It’s our journey, testing the doctrines and principles of our faith.

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Three Things You Need to Get to Heaven

This speech examines an apocryphal story from the Nag Hammadi where Jesus teaches two apostles why they need to constantly demonstrate faith, love, and work to be admitted into a heavenly kingdom through the grace of Christ.

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