The Parable of the High-Tech Entrepreneur and the Forgotten Treasure

A successful tech entrepreneur learns the importance of disconnecting from his digital world to cherish precious family time. This modern parable underscores the timeless truth from Matthew 6:21: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”, reminding us to invest in our real-life relationships beyond our screens.

In the heart of Silicon Valley lived a successful tech entrepreneur named Alex. His creations, revolutionary digital platforms and devices, earned him wealth and recognition but demanded his constant attention. As his digital empire grew, Alex found himself immersed in a world of screens and code, seldom disconnecting.

Alex had a loving family, a wife named Grace and two children. Although they admired his dedication and success, they sorely missed the quality time they once shared with him. The family gatherings, game nights, and long conversations at dinner had become infrequent, often disrupted by Alex’s vibrating phone or the glow of his laptop.

One day, Alex’s daughter, Lydia, presented him with a small, handcrafted wooden box. “What’s this, sweetheart?” Alex asked, momentarily lifting his eyes from his device. Lydia replied, “It’s a treasure chest, Dad. You can only open it when you’re ready to discover what’s really important.”

Intrigued and touched, Alex decided to place the box beside his multitude of devices on his desk as a reminder of Lydia’s mysterious gift.

As days turned into weeks, the unopened box began to arouse Alex’s curiosity. One evening, after a particularly grueling day, Alex felt an overwhelming urge to discover Lydia’s treasure. He set aside his devices and carefully opened the box.

Inside, he found a single piece of paper on which Lydia had written, “The treasure is not in this box, Dad. It’s in the time you spend with us, away from your screens. That’s where your real treasure lies.”

Overwhelmed, Alex looked around his empty office, then at the darkened screens of his devices, and finally, at the small, humble wooden box. Lydia’s message echoed in his mind, “Where your real treasure lies…”

In the Book of Matthew, Jesus taught:

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matthew 6:21).

This scripture came to life for Alex in that moment. His true treasures weren’t his digital accomplishments but the priceless relationships with his family.

From that day forward, Alex made a conscious effort to disconnect from his digital world regularly and reconnect with his family. Game nights were reinstated, family dinners became sacred, and the small, handcrafted wooden box found a permanent place, not on his work desk, but on the fireplace mantle in the family room—a constant reminder of where his real treasure lay.

This parable serves as a gentle reminder of a timeless truth. As we navigate our digital age, let’s not forget to disconnect from time to time and to invest in our most significant treasure—our relationships with our family. For indeed, where our treasure is, there will our heart be also.

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