The Talkative Parrot

Dive into the enchanting world of Polly, the talkative parrot, and her vibrant flamingo friends, Fred and Fiona. Witness their struggles as they navigate the challenges posed by a city zoo heatwave and learn a valuable lesson about the golden virtue of silence. A poignant tale that resonates with all ages.

Once, in a bustling city zoo, lived a parrot named Polly, and a pair of elegant flamingos, Fred and Fiona. Polly and the flamingos shared a strong bond, spending their free time exchanging stories and gossip. Polly, true to her nature, was particularly chatty and always had something to share.

One summer, a heatwave hit the city, causing the zoo’s pond to gradually dry up. The flamingos were worried—what if the pond dried up completely? Where would they live then?

But Polly was quick to suggest a plan. She proposed that Fred and Fiona break out of the zoo and fly around the city to find a water source. Once they found a suitable place, all three could move there. The flamingos agreed and took off into the city skyline.

After hours of searching, they spotted a beautiful fountain in a park, surrounded by lush greenery. They returned to the zoo with the good news. But there was a problem—even though she was able to break out of her cage, Polly couldn’t fly. Her wings had been clipped. How would she get to the park?

Polly hatched a plan. She asked the flamingos to find a sturdy branch that they could hold in their beaks. Polly would then clutch onto the branch with her beak, and the flamingos could fly her to the park. The flamingos were concerned that Polly might start talking and lose her grip. “You mustn’t open your beak while we’re flying,” they warned. “Can you manage to stay quiet?”

“Of course,” Polly assured them. “I know when to keep my beak shut.”

And so, the flamingos found a branch, each holding an end in their beaks, with Polly gripping the middle. Up into the sky they went, flying over the cityscape.

Polly was ecstatic. The view from above was breathtaking. She was itching to comment on the scenery but remembered the flamingos’ warning.

Eventually, they reached the park fountain. It was even more beautiful up close, surrounded by flowers and trees. Overwhelmed with joy, Polly forgot her promise and squawked, “Look at that!” In an instant, she lost her grip on the branch and plummeted to the ground below.

Fred and Fiona were devastated. Their friend had met a tragic end simply because she couldn’t resist the urge to speak.

Moral of the Story

“The Talkative Parrot” teaches us the importance of knowing when to remain silent and the consequences of not adhering to important advice. Just as Polly’s inability to keep her promise resulted in a tragic end, the parable illustrates that sometimes, silence can be more beneficial than speaking out.

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