The Three Chickens

Step into the world of Matilda, Clara, and Lucy, three chickens facing the cunning foxes that threaten their farm. This enthralling parable unravels the importance of wisdom, vigilance, and action in the face of danger. Will Lucy’s luck save her, or will Matilda and Clara’s proactive measures prove victorious? Discover the valuable life lessons that lie within.

Once, on a picturesque farm nestled amidst rolling hills and verdant fields, lived three chickens—Matilda, Clara, and Lucy. They spent their days pecking at the ground for worms and basking in the sun’s warmth. Their feathers glistened in shades of golden brown, a testament to the farmer’s tender care.

One evening, as twilight painted the sky in hues of orange and pink, a group of cunning foxes passed by the farm. They halted at the sight of the chickens, their eyes gleaming with mischief and hunger.

“Look at those plump chickens,” whispered the leader of the foxes, a sly old fox named Reynard. “We have never hunted on this farm before. We must come back tomorrow night with our cleverest tricks and have a grand feast!”

So saying, the foxes vanished into the shadows, their laughter echoing in the night.

The wise old hen, Matilda, had overheard the foxes’ conversation from her perch on the fence. A shiver of fear ran down her spine. She knew the foxes were dangerous and cunning, capable of contriving the most devious plans to catch their prey.

Without wasting a moment, Matilda called her friends, Clara and Lucy, under the old oak tree for a council.

“My dear friends,” Matilda began, her voice quivering with urgency, “we are in grave danger. The foxes plan to hunt us tomorrow night. We must flee from this farm and find a safer place to live.”

Clara, the second chicken, nodded gravely. “Matilda is right. We must heed her warning and leave at once,” she declared, her eyes wide with fear.

But Lucy, the youngest and most naive of the three, merely laughed. “You both are letting your imagination run wild,” she scoffed. “We have lived on this farm all our lives, and no fox has ever dared to harm us. Why should these foxes be any different? I refuse to leave. My luck has always kept me safe, and it will continue to do so.”

Despite Matilda’s pleas, Lucy remained adamant. With a heavy heart, Matilda and Clara gathered their broods and left the farm under the cover of darkness, seeking refuge in the neighboring woods.

The next evening, as the shadows lengthened and the first stars appeared in the sky, the foxes arrived at the farm. Their eyes gleamed with anticipation as they crept towards the chicken coop, their noses twitching at the scent of their prey.

Chaos ensued as the foxes launched their attack. Feathers flew in all directions, and the air was filled with the sounds of clucking and yelps. The chickens ran hither and thither in a desperate bid to escape the foxes’ clutches.

Lucy’s luck stood no chance against the cunning foxes. She was caught and met a tragic end.

Matilda and Clara, safely ensconced in the woods, heard the distant sounds of the commotion and thanked their stars for having made the wise decision to flee.

The chickens who foresaw the danger and took preventive measures survived. The chicken who relied solely on luck and did nothing perished.

Moral of the Story

And so, the parable teaches us a valuable lesson about life. In the face of danger or adversity, relying solely on luck or fate is not enough. One must be proactive, make informed decisions, and take the necessary actions to ensure survival and success. Just as the wise chickens took measures to avoid the foxes, we too must be vigilant and act promptly to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

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